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PayKaro India is a payment solutions company which allows users to process their daily needs transactions online with safe and easy mode.

PayKaro India offering opportunities to our distribution network to have significantly higher return on Investments as compare to other businesses available nationally. Because ROI is very important factor for all kind of distribution network, either it is Telecom, Apparels, and FMCG etc.

In current market condition of Telecom where it is growing with full pace and now a days it become a leading industry which also gives our distribution network to earn with higher profits compare with the investment. PayKaro India has three layers of business, which are Master Distributor, Distributors and Retailers. And we offer great opportunities to every layer.

Master Distributor

This layer belongs to those businessmen who have money for the investment and want to earn in bulk. The responsibilities of this layer is highest in terms of creating their own distributors, retailers network and serve them.

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This layer is very important from the business relations point of view. Because distributor is one who will be in touch their retailers all the time by providing them balance, guidance, support etc.

PayKaro India also provide best ROI to their distribution network by which our distributor can enjoy luxury of great profit after investing hard and smart work in market with their retailers.

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PayKaro India very much cares for their retailers because retailers are the base of any Channel Sales. Without Retailers satisfaction no company will survive.According to us Retailers are the brand ambassadors of PayKaro India.

With minimum investment we give our retailers an opportunity to earn more by having best commission in Industry. With very easy steps you can avail retailer ship of PayKaro India. So join us and increase your earnings immediately.

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